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Venus 2018


Categories :
  • Accoustic
  • 6 String Accoustic Spanish Guitar (R-Hole)
  • Spanish Guitar
  • 6 String Accoustic Spanish Guitar (R- Hole)


  • All Spanish Guitars (Accoustic & Electric) are fitted Adjustable Bridge & Reinforced Truss Rod.
  • Please Check the three Photograph & Company Logo in Our Hologram before buying
  • All Accessories at Extra Cost.
  • Do you often ask your friend: “do my assignment for me cheap” It is not nesessary anymore. Just click here and find the task you need. There are a lot of samples too. Or you can order it here too.
  • MODELS, DESIGNS & PRICES Subject to change without notice.
  • Serviceable Warranty : One Year.


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