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It is not a jump. Just many small footsteps have behind this. It was the dream of Late Santi Biswas who was the one and only man who had carry the flag with confidence till death. Starting from 1980 we have made many thousands of guitar for every guitar lovers, musicians and trainee. As this way we reach as the goal.

Now a days, many other products are to be compared with us. But not they are very competitor of GIVSON.

We are not only a brand, a team, a family where everyone loves to make the better things with very attentively.

home_iconThe Way to be A Giant Guitar Maker

Our technicians are always greedy to make things better.

Body of each guitar are made with Seasoned Toon Wood.

Accurate and Soft Touched FRET Board for easy scaling.

For your safety, We use SHOCK PREVENTIVE materials in All Electric Models.

Class of Sound & Tonal Quality is easily differentiable with others.